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Discount For Multiple Orders

Dear customers and friends, we have decided to thank you for your trust and participation demonstrated so far and, although we are a brand that is young, we already have so many fans who love our style!

We therefore offer you a Unique Promotion of its kind (and, for now, indefinitely), that rewards those who make multiple orders!
  • Every 2 items purchased, the system will will discount automatically €5.00 from the total of the order. The promo is still valid for multiples of 2, then each time you add 2 items to the shopping cart, the system will calculate an additional $ 5 discount!

[Example: if you purchase 4 products from €20, the total of the products is €80, to which the system defalcherà €10 off the total].

  • And also the promo MULTIPLE ORDERS is always valid with all other PROMOTIONS ACTIVE. So you can easily get great Combo of Discounts , by combining more offers between them!

If you want to see other fabulous offers, click on banners!

The greatest theme for prestashop

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